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We believe after reading our blogs you are updated and getting aware Nowadays, we use all the online transactions and virtual facilities. They have made our life very easy, but do you know that many people have to be victimized by using these facilities. Due to hacking and scams, many people have to scrub their valuable money In Such videos are quickly described as ways to become rich easily. Our today’s blog will tell you about all these scams and virtual frauds. We would like you to share these blogs as well and read till the end and these scams can happen to you as well. And so you need to be careful too.

1. Tech Support scams

Tech Support scams

As this scam is named, companies or people will approach you to help you in the technology-related issues and they will scam you. If a company asks you for login details or password, you may be alert it can also be a scam because these companies access your online data Your bank can be accessed even from this virtual information. In many calls, debit cards or credit card numbers are asked to you. So that a tech relatable problem can be fixed but no original bank or service agency ever asks for your card details. So it is important to be cautious. – Top 10 scams in India.

2. Email scams

Email scams

You must have seen messages in your email accounts that contain information about your lottery opening. But let us tell you that all such emails are fraud Those emails sent in such a way can not trace their computers. Often their IP addresses are from a cyber cafe and they are used only for scams and so on. In such emails you are asked to deposit some amounts first and then after a few days, you are called to take the lottery. But there will not be anybody. Many people spend their money cheating on this trap every day.

3. ATM number scams

ATM number scams

In these scams, you get a call that your debit card is being checked or you have received a Gift Cash Some of the last digits of your card are asked to you and by using these combinations scammers try to scam you. Let us tell you that only because of giving such information, money is withdrawn from your account. You should never share your card details and avoid them. If your card is lost, you should immediately call the bank and block it. Many times it is said that someone else has accessed your account and therefore you should report details If this is the case then you should confirm it by calling in your bank. – Top 10 scams in India.

4. Website scams

Website scams

Nowadays online advertisements are posted because of increased online purchases. Many sites are such that you only see the picture of the product and talk to the cellar but when Seller asks you to deposit some money or deposit it in the account, never do so because it can be a scam Often, after depositing money, no person is present on the exact location. In order to avoid all such scams, you only have to keep in mind that advanced payments should be done only in verified accounts.

5. Whatsapp share scams

Whatsapp share scams

On WhatsApp, many such messages are forwarded, where forwarded a cash bonus is promised Some people follow them and put their account details in the given payment gateways, after which money is withdrawn from their account. It is important to understand that a discount can not be used to earn money and never gets money from the forwarding of the message. – Top 10 scams in India.

6. POP-UP scams

POP UP scams

Advertisements and pop-ups are seen on many websites, which are taken to a new website when clicked This new website downloads some things that you do not even ask for permission You should be careful as it can also be downloaded files which contain a virus, viruses that can hang your system. After hacking the system, it asks for money from you, which is also called Ransomware. To avoid these, you have to change the settings of your server and settings for blocking pop-ups. 

7. Placement scams

Placement scams

India is a young country where most people are looking for jobs, so the trend of this scam is very popular in India, where a person tells you about Job Opportunities while calling to you. and the applicant will be happy after hearing this But after some time it is said to pay via phone in which the fees for the company’s services are asked for. After completing all the formalities when the application reaches the address given, then there is no one to call because all calls are fake. In order to avoid these scams, you need to keep in mind that the company providing the information is verified and its registered office is correct. – Top 10 scams in India.

8. Jobs and degree scams

Jobs and degree scamsJobs and degree scams

In these scams, you are given an excuse for the free online courses, after which you will get a degree and certificate. But before applying for this course, a nominal amount is asked for it. After filling it, it is impossible to trace this company or website. Such scams are swindled with the people’s money All the addresses mentioned in these websites are also fake and all phone numbers also.

9. Bank loan and credit card scams

Bank loan and credit card scamsBank loan and credit card scams

In many schemes, it is said that depending on your account, you can take such a loan or you are eligible for such an unlimited credit card. But it is important to know that only your bank can give all these facilities to you. How can a different agency offer you such a large amount without knowing your financial status? Many people pay money for this large amount of loans which can not be traced later. Therefore, there is a need to be cautious of all such schemes. – Top 10 scams in India.

10. Call center scams

Call center scams

Most scammed calls are from the call center. Often calls from a large company call center. All the information asked the common man thinks as genuine and share the information from which money is withdrawn from the account or valuable virtual information Login ID, Password is also asked, after which the account can be misused To avoid such scams, validate the caller and be alert at all times Many times the caller tune can be understood that he is not calling from the verified company. You must be sure to check once before making any important information like Aaadhar or PAN card details. You should be aware of this.






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