Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial?

Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial

Bhishma (Sanskrit: भीष्‍म, IAST: Bhīṣma, lit. ‘terrible’), also known as Pitamaha, Gangaputra, and Devavrata, was a statesman of Kuru Kingdom and one of the most powerful warriors in the epic Mahabharata. He was the eighth and only surviving son of the Kuru King Shantanu and the river goddess Ganga. Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial?

One day sixteen years after his wife left him, King Shantanu of Hastinapur found himself back on the banks of the Ganga. He missed his wife and the son she had taken with her. Shantanu’s sadness was interrupted by the sounds of fighting. He found that a young archer had tamed the mighty river Ganga with a barrage of arrows. Shantanu had never seen such skill or such daring. Ganga Putra bhishma photos

Then Ganga appeared to him. Shantanu’s happiness knew no bounds when he was told that this radiant young man was none other than his own long lost son. His name was Devavrat. Before Ganga left them, she told Shantanu that Devavrat had been taught the art of war by the warrior sage Parshuram himself And it was sage Vashishtha who had taught him knowledge of the Shastras.  A happy Shantanu brought back to his kingdom its new prince. The people of Hastinapur could not be happier. They loved their future king. Time passed as it always does. Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial?

Before long, Shantanu was in love again. He lost his heart to a fisherman’s daughter by the name of Satyavati and asked her to marry him. But Satyavati refused Shantanu, even though he was a king. It was her father’s belief that even if Satyavati became Shantanu’s queen, her children would never be kings. They would always remain secondary to Prince Devavrat’s children. There was nothing to be done. Shantanu could not deprive his son Devavrat of his birthright. Ganga Putra bhishma photos

So he returned home alone, heartbroken once again. Back at the palace, his unhappiness was all too visible. He stopped meeting people and attending to his kingly duties. Prince Devavrat noticed this. He could not allow his father to suffer in this manner. Devavrat decided to take matters into his own hands. He decided to go reason with the fisherman and his daughter himself. Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial?

To soothe the pain in his father’s heart Prince Devavrat paid a visit to Satyavati’s father and begged him to allow his daughter to marry King Shantanu. But the fisherman remained adamant. Even when Devavrat agreed to give up the throne which was his by birthright, the fisherman said that there was no guarantee that Devavrat’s children would not assert their right to the throne of Hastinapur He was, after all, the King’s first-born son. It was then that Devavrat swore an oath. It was an oath that shook the earth and the heavens. Ganga Putra bhishma photos

It was an oath that would echo down the corridors of history and eventually bring about a war that would reshape Bharatavarsha. Devavrat vowed that he would never marry. He vowed to never father any children. Before all the gods, he swore this, for the sake of his father’s happiness. And thus it was that Devavrat the kind, came to be known as Bhishma – he of the terrible oath. Ganga Putra bhishma photos

The prince’s solemn vow stole the fisherman’s courage from him. He did not object when Bhishma took Satyavati – his future mother – with him and rode towards Hastinapur. When the prince united King Shantanu with the woman he loved, he expected his father to be happy But instead, the king felt as if his feeble heart had brought ruin upon his kingdom A sense of doom filled his heart. Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial?

However, he recognized his son’s sacrifice and granted him a boon. He declared that his virtuous son would be able to choose the moment of his death. Without his consent, death will not be able to touch him. Bhishma kept his promise. He watched over the throne of Hastinapur like a silent guardian. Under him, the kingdom remained strong. No enemy dared cross paths with the legendary son of Ganga.

After the passing of King Shantanu, Bhishma acted like a father to his two half brothers Chitrangad and Vichitraveerya. He taught them statecraft and brought them up to be capable administrators. But before long, Chitrangad battled a Gandharva and was killed Vichitraveerya, who was not in good health, became king of Hastinapur. Bhishma feared that if something happened to his brother, there was no one to inherit the throne of Hastinapur. Bhishma decided to get his brother a wife, and soon. Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial?

He stormed into the court of Kashi on the day of the Swayamvara and kidnapped the three princesses of that kingdom They were called Amba, Ambika, and Ambalika. After Bhishma brought back the three princesses of Kashi to Hastinapur, the eldest of them pleaded with him to be allowed to go to king Shalva – the man she loved Bhishma apologized to her and said she could go wherever she liked. Her sisters Ambika and Ambalika however, stayed back and were welcomed by Queen Satyavati. Ganga Putra bhishma photos

Amba thanked Bhishma and set out happily to meet King Shalva. She was sure that her beloved will welcome her with open arms and they would live happily ever after. But when she reached Shalva’s court, she was met by rejection.

King Shalva told her that he could not accept her as she had been taken by another man He said that to do so would mean humiliation for him and advised her to go back to Bhishma and beg him to marry her As far as Shalva was concerned, Amba belonged to Bhishma. Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial?

With her heart in a thousand pieces, Amba returned to Hastinapur and told Bhishma of what had happened She asked him to marry her and rid her of the shame of belonging nowhere But Bhishma said no to her plea as his vow of celibacy prevented him from marrying. Amba had no place in his life. Amba grew furious! She accused Bhishma of ruining her life She asked Bhishma that if he did not intend to marry her, what reason did he have for dragging her away from her Swayamvar. She blamed him for all the misfortune that had befallen her. She declared that she will not rest till she had punished him for his crime. Amba set out to find someone who would exact her vengeance. But no matter where she looked, there was no warrior or king who would dare challenge. Bhishma Ganga Putra bhishma photos

The legend of the son of Ganga was everywhere. Out of fear and respect for Bhishma, everyone refused to be Amba’s champion. All hope lost, Amba went to Sage Parshuram, who was believed to be an avatar of Vishnu and had once even been a teacher to Bhishma. Parshuram gave Amba hope. He said he will convince Bhishma to marry her Parshuram had spoken too soon. When it became clear that the son of Ganga would never give up his vow of celibacy, the angry sage challenged his disciple to a fight to the death

Bhishma and Parshuram fought fiercely. Each warrior exhausted all his strength and skill on the other, but to no avail. At the end of 23 days of fighting, there was still no winner. Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial?

Bhishma could not kill Parshuram – the warrior and the avatar. Parshuram could not kill Bhishma, the demigod blessed with ichchha-mrityu The combatants were too evenly matched. There was not going to be a solution to this problem. Ganga Putra bhishma photos

Eventually, Bhishma’s will prevailed and Parshuram gave up Amba did not get her revenge that day. But as she left the battlefield, it was clear that she had not lost hopes of one day becoming the reason for Bhishma’s death.




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Who is Bhishma Pitamah in Serial?



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