The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata

The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata

The Pandavas knew that they were being sent away from Hastinapur for fear that people would demand Yudhishthir to rule They also knew that staying in Hastinapur with their envious cousins would lead to more discords and may even result in war. The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata

The land of Khandavaprasth that was given to the Pandavas was barren with no habitation. The forested land was cursed by Lord Indra and was inhabited only by Asurs, Rakshas, and Nagas Since Yudhishthir did not want bloodshed and war, he decided to move into Khandavaprasth.

Two days after leaving Hastinapur, the Pandavas reached Khandavaprasth and found before them an endless stretch of wasteland. Krishna, who had accompanied the Pandavas all along came to their help. He invited Vishvakarma, the divine architect, to design the kingdom for the Pandavas.

During their stay in the forest, Arjun and Krishna met Agni who was hungry and wanted to burn the forest to satisfy his hunger. Krishna and Arjun knew that burning the forest would be advantageous to them as it would rid them of the Asurs, Rakshas, and Nagas. The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata

Before Vishvakarma started work on building the kingdom, the forests that surrounded Khandavaprasth were cleared by wildfires The barren land of Khandavaprasth was made into a beautiful looking city with a magnificent palace, wide streets, gardens, streams, and parks The Pandavas named their new kingdom Indraprasth since it was built in resemblance to Indra’s own city.

The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata

After the city of Indraprasth was complete, people from Hastinapur started flocking into Indraprasth Yudhishthir distributed land to the residents and gave them mansions In Hastinapur when the news of the magical city of Indraprasth reached Duryodhan, he was filled with envy. He blamed Dhritarashtra for giving Khandavaprasth to the Pandavas. This event caused Duryodhan to call upon his counsel. To plan their next move against the Pandavas. After the city of Indraprastha was completed, Krishna took leave of the Pandavas. The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata

On his way back, he met Narad and requested him to visit the Pandavas in their new kingdom. Upon Krishna’s request, Narad Muni visited the Pandavas at Indraprasth.

The Pandavas sought Narad’s guidance in the administration of the kingdom and also introduced Draupadi to him. When Narad met Draupadi, a worried look took over his face. He was reminded of the story of the two Asura brothers, Sundha and Upasundha. When Yudhishthir asked Narad what his cause of worry was, Narad narrated the story of the Asura brothers to the Pandavas. Narad told them that Sundha and Upasandha were two brothers who were extremely devoted to each other and were inseparable, just like the Pandava brothers. They knew that the only way death could approach them as if they killed each other. The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata

However, fate took its own course when the two brothers fell in love with the same woman called Tilottama. Tilottama was a beautiful woman who was created by Vishwakarma under Indra’s instructions.

Vishwakarma had collected ten million gems and took small parts from each gem to create Tilottama Upon seeing her, Sundha and Upasundha fell in love and each of them desired her for himself The trouble began when one-day Upasandha walked into Sunda’s chamber and found Sundha and Tilottama together This led to a quarrel between the two brothers and it soon took the shape of a duel in which they ended up killing each other. The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata

The Pandavas shivered as they heard Narad narrate the story to them. Narad told them that Tilottama was as beautiful and dark-skinned as Draupadi and warned them that their love for Draupadi might cause disputes among them. He told the Pandavas that they have many missions to fulfill and for that, they have to stand together.

When the Pandavas asked Narad for a solution, Narad suggested that beginning with Yudhishthir, every brother must keep Draupadi as his wife for a year. During this one year, Draupadi will be exclusively the wife of one brother and if anyone intrudes, he should go on exile for twelve years. The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata

The Pandavas agreed to Narada’s arrangement. Having accomplished his purpose of visiting the Pandavas, Narad took leave of the Pandavas. The news of the arrangement reached Draupadi, who moved into Yudhishthir’s chamber. The arrangement seemed to be working well until one day – when fate took its own turn for Arjun.

The Story Of Indraprastha Mahabharata







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