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Buddha's Teachings on Kamma or Karma

What is the main goal of Buddhism?

64. Saying, "Good friend," the bhikkhus delighted and rejoiced in the Venerable Sariputta's words. Then they asked him a further question: "But, friend, might there be another way in which a noble disciple is...
Buddha's Teachings on Kamma or Karma

Anicca or Anitya in Buddhism

"The three kinds of feelings, O monks, are impermanent, compounded, dependently arisen, liable to destruction, to evanescence, to fading away, to cessation — namely, pleasant feeling, painful feeling, and neutral feeling." (Anicca Sutta -...
hinduism view on suffering

Hinduism View On Suffering

When a person gives up all the desires in his waking mind and when his self is turned inward and satisfied within itself, at that time he is said to be stable of mind...